New Book.......Power of Leadership: True Identity 

Destroys Identity Crisis and Restores Purpose

Dr. Collins empowers believers for leadership and excellence in their divine calling!

Dr. Mickey K. Collins' Power of Leadership  “True Identity” speaks to the heart of people about being made in the image of Christ. According to the author, once they have gained knowledge about their true identity, then they know their purpose and can fulfill their Kingdom assignment.

"Everyone should read this book, because it will inspire you to know that you are uniquely made in the image of God and knowing your true identity is 'in-Christ' will empower you to annihilate any identity crisis that you may be experiencing," states the author.

As a leader in both the corporate and church environments, Dr. Mickey K. Collins brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the writing of this book. Dr. Collins has conducted extensive research in the area of leadership studies with biblical applications. Dr. Collins has a Doctorate degree in strategic leadership and Master of Practical Theology. The blending of these two degrees as well as over twenty-five years of hands-on experience makes  this a premier book that the readers can use in their walk with the Lord to become authentic Christ-centered leaders both in the secular and faith-based entities.

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