Pastor Waverly use the word "Christmas" to show that Jesus is what Christmas is all about and our focus should be on Jesus.
Pastor Waverly & Dr. Mickey also provided Communion and prayer virtually where everyone was able to participate.

Pastor Waverly reminded everyone to trust in the Lord no matter what is happening in your life!

Dr. Mickey declares that 2021 is the Year of Recovery!! We are taking back everything the enemy has stolen from us and we will have more than what we started with. Scripture ref 1 Sam 30.

Dr. Mickey taught on the Book of Daniel and she explained 21-Day Daniel Fast.

Pastor Waverly preached about how you have the ability to change your atmosphere!

Dr Mickey taught on wisdom, which is the principle thing and we should pray and ask God for it.

Pastor Waverly preached on how our help comes from the Lord and the situation will change around for you no matter how difficult it may look like because God is able!!

Pastor Waverly preached a message on God is doing a new thing. It's exciting to know that God is still in control!

Dr. Mickey teaches on the Three P's of Kingdom Living. She shares that every Believer has purpose in the Kingdom of God. The three P's of Kingdom Living are: Purpose, Plan & Power.

Dr. Mickey teaches on the spirit of depression and explains how God is there to help us and we are never alone.

Pastor Waverly preached on being thankful for the good things the Lord has done!

Pastor Waverly preached on being humble and how not to let pride enter into your life.

message highligted three different kinds of love that a mother has that can manifest into a miracle that will shut the door on unbelief, doubt, negative speaking people and fear!

Pastor Waverly preached: "God is on Your Side"....check it out!

Dr. Mickey taught a message on how we should watch and pray to stand ready to hear the voice of God to know when danger is approaching so we can fight with our spiritual weapons.

Pastor Waverly preached a powerful message on Father's Day entitled: "The Eyes of a Good Father"

Dr. Mickey preached a message entitled: "Our God Reigns". She provided 5 things from the Book of Isaiah 52:1-7 that we can do when we are having difficulty and in fear.

Pastor Waverly peached on having peace in difficult time.

Pastor Waverly preached on having joy no matter what you may be going through!

Dr. Mickey ministered on how we can hope for tomorrow because our HOPE is in JESUS!

Pastor Waverly preached how about how we can have peace during difficult times.

Pator Waverly preached on how our words are very powerful and we should think before we speak because it can create life or death!

Dr. Mickey taught on how we can travel on the narrow road that is the Pathway to Heaven.

Pastor Waverly preached about how faith can overcome fear. We must have FAITH in God!

Pastor Waverly preached a powerful and encouraging word about having a made up mind to serve God. For me and my house we will serve the Lord!

Pastor Waverly preached a message entitled: "Tired of Being Tempted by the Devil". He said it time that we rest in the Lord and let the Lord carry our burdens. Praise HIM!

Pastor Waverly preached a message on putting your trust in God and not man!

Pastor Waverly preached on what to do when you are in the valley

Pastor Waverly preached a message on Whose voice are you listening to?  In every area of our life we should listen to the voice of the Lord.

Pastor Waverly & Dr. Mickey invite you to attend the Malachi House Life Center Virtual Church Service each Sunday at 10:00AM via MHLC Website, Facebook & YouTube.